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Money Exchange

A good sum of cash money is recommended while traveling into Egypt specially for emergency situations or when ATMs are not accessible. Euros, British Pounds and US Dollars are all easy to pay with or exchange to the Egyptian Pound. Please make sure that your bank notes are in very good condition because damaged or cut notes are difficult to exchange in Egypt. If you are bringing US Dollars, please note that Notes older than 1996 may not be accepted. ATMs are found very often in the main cities and will generally accept cards on the Visa and MasterCard networks.

If it is possible, we recommend to travel with both a Visa and MasterCard because some banks might work only with one brand of card. Please note, your bank will change a fee for overseas withdrawals. Credit cards are in general not very useful in Egypt – they can be used on occasion at some larger stores if shopping for big items. Traveller cheques are limited and expensive to exchange. It is recommended to have one or two cheques only for emergency case. Thomas Cook or American Express travellers’ cheques in US currency are the easiest to exchange. Cash advances can also be made with some banks but are time consuming and tend to have high fees attached. Please refer to the following website for daily exchange rates: