Green valley and Dahab

Explore the beauty of Nile valley and visit the famouse monuments of Luxor & Aswan like Philea, Karnak temples and Valley of the Kings. Then you relax on the beach of Dahab at Aqaba gulf amoung the mountains of Sinai or you dive into the underwater Marvelous world.

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Day 1: Arrival at Luxor airport & transfer to check-in on Nile cruise.
Day 2: Excursion to Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut temple and Memnoun Colossus in Luxor.
Day 3: Cruising and Visit Edfu and Kom Ombo temple.
Day 4: Excursion to high dam, Philea temple (Isis) and unfinished obelisk in Aswan.
Day 5Optional excursion to Abu Simbel temple.
Day 6: Cruising back to Luxor.
Day 7: Excursion to Karnak & Luxor temple.
Day 7: Transfer to Luxor airport for a domistic flight to Sharm El Shekh then you drive to Dahab.
Day 9 to Day 14: Transfer to Luxor airport for a domistic flight to Sharm El Shekh then you drive to Dahab.
Day 15: Check-out and be transferred to Sharm El Shekh airport for your final flight back to home.


14 Nights / 15 Days


Luxor > Aswan > Dahab



Detailed schedule

Day 1 – Arrival to Luxor

- You land in Luxor international airport to be welcomed by our representative who will provide the Egyptian visa (if included) and assist you through the customs. Then you will be transferred to check-in your Nile cruise. The rest of the day is free for relaxing
- Overnight on Nile cruise on FB basis

Day 2 – The mystery of West bank

- Around 6:00 am you join your tour guide to visit some of the mistrial monuments of the Luxor Nile west bank. You start your excursion by visiting the highlight of Luxor. The valley of the Kings (between 1600 and 950 B.C.) was the secret and sacred sight where the ancient Egyptian pharaohs of the new kingdom period were buried. The originally painted tombs were cut in the bottom of the mount and beautifully painted with the afterlife subject. After the royal valley you drive to the next sight where you can visit the funeral temple of the most famous female pharaoh, queen Hatshepsut (3500 years old). The unique Architecture of the terrace temple will keep its picture in your mind for ever. On your way back to the Nile cruise you should stop to visit the colossus of Memenoun (3400 years old). The two huge statues of Amenhotep III were guarding his great temple which was demolished by the thousands of years.
- After having lunch on the cruise it will start sailing to the south towards Aswan. You can just set on the sun deck and enjoy a cup of tee while watching the beautiful nature of the Nile banks or experience the Nile locks mechanism while the cruise sailing into Esan locks between 2 different water levels
- Overnight on Nile cruise on FB basis

Day 3 – Sailing into the Nile valley

- Around 7:30 am you join your tour guide by horse-carriage to visit the complete temple of Egypt which was dedicated to one of the most important gods of Ancient Egypt. The temple of Horus in Edfu (2200 years old) was mainly covered under the ground that is why it still keeps almost all of its fine details. The cruise will sail further until reaching the double temple of Kom Ombo (2200 years old) which was dedicated to 2 brother gods. The temple is famous for its unique relief which you find them no where else. The cruise will keep sailing until you reach Aswan at the late Evening of the same day
- Overnight on Nile cruise on FB basis

Day 4 – Aswan highlights

- Around 9:00 am you join your guide to visit the highlights of Aswan city. You start with the great modern wonder of Egypt. The high dam (since 1971) was built in 10 years and used for the first time in 1971. You will be able to stand on the top of it where you can compare the big deference of water levels at the front and back of the dam. Then you drive to Philea island where you will visit the temple of Isis. You will get your first look at the temple out of your motor boat. On the philea island you will be amazed once by the fine beautiful relief of the temple and its stories and once by the marvelous nature surrounding. On your way back to the cruise you will also visit the ancient quarry where you could learn how did the ancient Egyptian cut and move the heavy stones of many monuments. The broken unfinished obelisk lying there weighs 1168 tons and was supposed to be move 220 km to the north
- The afternoon is free to walk into the local market of Aswan or join the optional City tour excursion to explore the modern attractions of Aswan and end your afternoon at the top of the highest point in Aswan where you can see a spectacular sunset
- Overnight on Nile cruise on FB basis

Day 5 – Abu Simbel

- Today is a free day to relaxing or you can join the optional excursion to one of the most important monuments of Egypt. The great rock-cut temple of Abu Simbel. The 2 temples of Ramses II and his wife Nefertari were cut inside the sandstone mountain at the edge of the Nile river and dedicated to the god Ra-hor-akhti and goddess Hathor. The 4 giant colossuses of Ramses II (20 meter high) forming the façade of the large temple and the statues of Ramses II and his wife forming the façade of the small temple. The temples of Abu Simbel are absolutely a must-visit sight.
- In the afternoon your cruise will start hitting back to Luxor. You reach the double temple of Kom Ombo with the sunset. In case that you did not visit the temple on your way from Luxor to Aswan, you still have the chance.
- Overnight on Nile cruise on FB basis

Day 6 – Sailing & Relaxing

- In case that you were not able to visit the temple of Edfu, you still have the chance to do it. The rest of the day is only to relaxing and enjoy the marvelous Nile banks views.
- The cruise will reach Luxor in the evening
- Overnight on Nile cruise on FB basis

Day 8 – End of Nile cruise

- Around 9:00 am you join your guide to visit the 2 temples of the East Bank of Luxor. Karank temple (Since 4000 years) is known as the largest religious contracture ever built on earth. The temple was used and constructed since middle kingdom period until the end of new kingdom (Around 2000 years) that is why it is counted as the open book of this period. All the pharaohs of the same period left their names there. You can spend a complete day exploring all corners of Karnak but you have to save also time to visit the temple of Luxor which was connected to Karnak temple by 3 km sphinx way. Luxor temple was also dedicated to the same principal god of ancient Egypt, Amoun Raa and it is famous with its obelisk and huge statuses.
- The afternoon is for relaxing or join the optional excursion by the traditional Feluka (Sailing boat) to Banana island around sunset time or join the optional excursion to visit Karank temple but in a completely different atmosphere during Sound and Light Show
- Overnight on Nile cruise on FB basis

Day 8 – End of Nile cruise

- After breakfast you check-out the Nile cruise and get you transfer to Luxor airport for a domestic flight (1 hour) (Not included) to Sharm El Shekh where our local agent will welcome you and bring you to the transfer for about 1 hour to Dahab to check-in your resort there

Day 9 till day 14 - Relax at the Dahab Beach

- These 6 days were left free with no program itineraray where you have the chance to relaxing and enjoying The marvelous Aqaba gulf coral and colored fishes or lay under the shining sun. Of course you will have also the chance to join one or more of our optional various activities that could be arranged by our local agent there
- Overnight in Happy Life Resort on AI basis

Day 15 - Guest comes, Friend leaves

- Today you will be transferred to Sharm El Shekh airport to catch your final flight back to home or to your next tour destination


.. All included sightseeing excursions with a licensed English speaking tour guide (Egyptologist), air-conditioned transport and monuments main entrance fees.
.. All airport transfers and ground transportation as stated in the program itinerary.
.. 07 nights on 5 star Nile Cruises including breakfast, lunch and dinner (full board).
.. 07 nights in 4 star Resort including breakfast, lunch, dinner and all drinks according to Hotel All Inclusive policy (AI) (Happy Life Life Resort or similar ).


.. International & domestic airfare
.. Egypt entry visa
.. Any optional excursions (Like excursion to Abu Simbel temple)
.. Nile cruises upper deck with supplement upon availability.
.. Additional Entrance fees for specific monuments as Tutankhamen or Nefertari Tombs in Luxor.
.. Tipping for the whole trip
.. Personal expenses such as drinks, laundry, telephone calls, etc.


- In some cases the first or the last cruise night can be replaced with a hotel night in Aswan or in Luxor
- Program day-by-day itinerary can be switched according to the updated local situation and needs


This trip includes 7 nights on board of 5 star Nile cruise running from Luxor to Aswan and back to Luxor > Check our Nile cruise ships and 7 nights in Happy Life Resort (4 star) or a similar resort with the same


In this trip you have 14 breakfast, 14 lunches, 14 dinners included and all drinks during your stay at Red Sea Resort according to the All inclusive policy of your hotel there


According to program itinerary you use cruise ship, air-condioned bus, small motor boat, horse-carriage and aircraft


The entrance fees for below listed monuments are included in trip price:
. Luxor temple - Karnak temple - Valley of the Kings - Hatshepsut temple - Memnon Clossus - Edfu temple - Kom Ombo temple - Philea temple - High dam - unfinisghed obelisk.

Tour guide

If you travel with many family members or friends you can contact us with your request at:
to get your very specail group rate (For more than 6 adult person)