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About Us

Who we are

Egypt Inside Out Travel has developed and improved tourism business throughout Egypt and Middle East as a unique destination on the map of the International tourism markets. 

We offer a broad compass of packages, from basic to luxcurios and for individual or groups. Travelling means for us learning and eduacation and that for we have selected a very fine team ( 48 members) of profisionals and experts in tourism business. Their target is not only bringing your vacation country as closest to you but also bringing you in a direct touch with the local people and the beautiful nature of this country. This team is high calibers, high qualified and distinguished by their multi- lingual fluency on many foreign languages where they can verify our promise and provide always “More than your expectation” 
Our motive is to search and invent always new destinations and itineraries to satisfy the needs of our guests through providing them with exceptional vacations, updated information, multi – travel products which does not exist before and of course the dreamed services. Consequently the management of the company has its perspective to build a large data base for its own travel activities since 2011 and established for this purpose a management with special communications skills. This remarkable experience of Egypt Inside Out Travel Team reflects the true image of a tour operator which is obviously different from others.

Egypt Inside Out Travel was established in 2001 by 3 friends who have been working for about 18 years in all defferant travel fields including clasic, culture, advature, diving, relaxing …………… and with many worldwide nationalities. That is why they have developed a wide range of high quality field experience which ended with the foundation of a travel agency which is able to arrange any requested tours. It attains an official license No 1797, stamped by The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and classified on category (A) as one of the top high grade Tour Operators in Egypt.

Egypt Inside Out Travel is also an active member of:

1- The Egyptian Travel Agent Association <ETAA>

2- World Tourism Organization <WTO>

3- The American Society of Travel Agents <ASTA>

4- The International Association of Travel and Tourism <IATT>

Our commitment

The creators of Egypt Inside Out Travel have been working in tourism field and had direct contacts with many multinational groups and individuals for more than 18 years, what made them able to understanding that travellers have always different tastes of spending their vacation. When we were forming our web site, we made sure that you can ALWAYS find your preferred way of traveling. We guarantee that one of our ideas will match your choice. You can plan your own trip day by day and site to site by choosing “Tailor your vacation” form. Or you choose from over 20 different priced “Classical tours” for culture, adventure, archeological, relaxing or people learning. But if you like the extraordinary experience while traveling, you can check our ideas on “Wild tours” or “Exclusive tours”where you can add an unforgettable experience to your vacation. Also if you have already planed and booked your trip and you want just to enrich it with some extra visits, you can find many new ideas at “Day excursions” to enjoy the maximum use of your vacation time in the cheapest price. Even if requesting only “Hotel rooms” or any kind of accommodation, you find it provided in all different categories and with a free airport transfer upon arrival (If needed).

Our travel policy is depending on 4 main principles:
1- We believe that a culture of certain country on earth belong to general human history and everybody has to learn even a little bit about each culture in the world. That is why we turn some parts of your visits into lectures by our carefully selected tour guide. That means some included excursions are more for “education” than for “vacation”
2- We believe that travelling is a very practical way to make multicultural friends and to get different people together That is why we try during your trip to bring you along with local people. We let you having a true touch to their daily life. We bring you where other tourists do not normally go and in direct social contact with local families in their home.
3- Travelling is your right, that is why we do our best to make it possible for everybody. We guarantee to provide the best price for all our travel services. If you were able to find a cheaper offer anywhere else for any of our priced trips, we will guarantee a discount of 5% on the top of the cheaper rate.
4- We share our profit. Egypt inside Out Travel has developed the Planetary Foundation to support some organizations dedicated to making a positive difference in the live of people in need all over the world. We support either international charities or local organizations and community projects in countries we travel to. We deduct the sum of 20 US$ from what you pay for your vacation to be divided as listed below:

– 57357 Hospital for children cancer (link of their site) = 3 US$ off each booking
– Unicif (link of their site) = 5 US$ off each booking
– Mother Teresa (link of their site) = 5 US$ off each booking
– 32 adopted Child in Africa = 5 US$ off each booking


Why choosing Egypt Inside Out

• We guarantee that our prices are the cheapest for the included services. If you find any cheaper offer for the same tour itinerary and including the same services, you send it to us then you get 50 US$ discount on the cheaper offer for the same trip  same trip
• All package prices include taxes, so no surprises when you’re ready to pay
• We believe that you have been saving the whole year for this vacation. That is why we try to provide more than your expected services in best quality
• Travelling means for us learning and education, that is why we try to bring you the closest not only to the monuments and nature but also to the local people and their true life, not as a tourist but as a friend
• With us you have the chance to spend a day with a local family in their home and experience their daily life (at your request)
• By booking with us you support many Charities organizations as following:

– 57357 Hospital for children cancer (link of their site) = 3 US$ off each booking
– Unicif (link of their site) = 5 US$ off each booking
– Mother Teresa (link of their site) = 5 US$ off each booking
– 32 adopted Child in Africa = 5 US$ off each booking

Guest comment

As a reputable tour operator we advise you to visit our site to acknowledge the comments of our honorable guests’ testimonial on line. We are proud of their fair judgment on the quality of our services.
Please visit this link: localhost:4567/blog

Our specialties

We have the pleasure to provide our high quality services throw the following main aspects:

– Tailor your vacation:
Have you been there before and you want to form and plan your second vacation by yourself?
Do you like to build your own itinerary where it fits your time and budget? Here you can do it. Now our guests are able to design their own programs which would be subject to their desires and satisfy their needs and limitation of their budget.
Choose each small detail in your vacation by filling in the needed information and answering all questions in the prepared tailor your vacation form. You will send it to us where you get your program itinerary and our advised rate by email within 3 working days Tailor your vacation form

– Recommended tours:
Many of Egypt Inside Out Team members have been working for years as field tour guides which it means that they have been traveling to all sites and cities all over the promoted countries, joining many different nationalities. They were in direct touch and contact with people and places. They feed us back with the fine updated information and traveler’s reactions where we will be able to form and plan many new vacation itineraries. You can choose from more than 20 different recommended programs what would match your desires and budget Classical tours

- Wild tours:
In case of having a very special occasion, loving very irregular types of traveling or dreaming of a life time surprise to your beloved one, you got to choose one of our exceptional requests. Here you have short wild unusual trips (one day or couple of days) and many strong adventures that might be your best life long memory. Here we promise ONLY an exceptional experience.
(Please choose one of the following exceptional trips and read it carefully. You can also add your extra wishes or ideas then send it to us to get our best offer within 7 working days)

Our Offices

Our head office is situated in Cairo. In addition to that we have 3 branches situated throughout Egypt (Luxor, Aswan and Hurghada) and also soon in Los Angelos – USA.
For More information please contact us at the following address:
Head Office:
118 El Nozha st. Triumph – Heliopolis – Cairo – Egypt
Tel. /Fax: (+2 02) 2291 60 91 – 2419 2963 – 2690 5236 
(+2 015) 1515 7657 – 1515 7658
Working hours: Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 am till 05:00 pm Egyptian time

Our team members

We believe

Our local tour guides

We believe that tour guide can make it or break it. For us, he is the real director of an unforgettable vacation. That is why; we have 3 important conditions when selecting our local tour guide. First he has to be officially licensed tour guide which it means, he had studied history and guiding and was governmentally permitted to join and give information to travellers into his country. Second condition, he has to have a minimum of 10 years field experience. Third, his foreign language has to be perfect in speaking, reading and writing. Our tour guides will provide historical and practical information on all places you are travelling through, answer all your questions regarding culture, religion and social aspects, offer suggestions for things to do and see, recommend great local eating places and introduce you to our local friends.

Our emergency contact

Should you need to contact us during an irregular situation or an urgent need, please do not hesitate to contact us at numbers. If any of the below phone numbers. If for any reason you do not receive an immediate answer, please leave a detailedyou back for message and contact information, so we can call you back for assistance as soon as possible:
Yossri A. Beniamen

General Manger – speaks Arabic, English, German and Dutch:
+2 0100 1775763
Wassim A. Beniamen

Operation Manager – speaks Arabic and English
+2 0122 2917171
Marcus M. Zarif

Cairo & Sinai area Manager – speaks Arabic, English and German
+2 01000 620031
Mina Lotfy

Luxor & Red Sea area Manager – speaks Arabic, English and German
+2 01110 669933
Emad El Din

Aswan area Manager – speaks Arabic and English
+2 0122 8488000