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Travel tips

To make sure you’ve got everything you need for your trip to Egypt, we’ve put together a starter list to help you pack. Once you’ve got the basics, you can adapt your list based on when you’re travelling (winter or summer), and the reason for your trip (business or pleasure).

Remember, your hotel likely provides personal items like soap and shampoo, basic maps of downtown and sights, as well as an iron, hair-dryer, alarm clock and laundry service (great if you’re staying longer than a few days); you can always call ahead to find out what is provided in your room.


– Photo ID
– Money – cash, bank card, credit cards, traveller’s cheques
– Medications (if any) – always good to keep in the original packaging for identification purposes
– Plane ticket/frequent flyer cards / travel insurance documents / itinerary
– Extra pair of prescription glasses or contacts
– Calling cards / cell-phone
– Address / contacts for hotel, conference, friends in town, etc.
– Business items (if applicable) – laptop, agenda, extra cards, presentation documents, etc.


– Camera (digital, video etc.), film, tapes, cards, batteries
– Guide book or maps
– Small day pack or fanny pack

Clothes Cotton is suitable for all seasons; wool for winter and many summer nights. Loose and flowing garments are extremely practical in a hot climate. Hats are vital and necessary, to protect agains heat stroke and so are sunglasses, to defend the eyes against the glare. Don’t forget to bring stout, comfortable shoes.


– Watch
– Reading material
– Swimsuit and plastic sandals and / or work-out wear, if your hotel has facilities
– Personal listening device / CDs
– Sunscreen
– Vitamins