Egypt Inside Out travel

General Info

Full country name: Arab Republic of Egypt
Area: 1,001,449 sq km (622,272 sq mi)
Population: 69.5 million
Capital city: Cairo
People: Berbers, Bedouins and Nubians
Language: Arabic
Religion: 86% Islam, 14% Christian
Government: Republic
President: Mohamed Mursi
Visas: All visitors to Egypt are required to have a visa and a passport valid for six months. Visas can be arranged through Egyptian embassies worldwide. Visitors from the US, Canada, EU and GCC countries may be able to purchase a visa stamp upon arrival at many large airports. One-month visitor’s visas can be extended.

Health risks: Bilharzia (don’t paddle in the Nile!)
Time: GMT/UTC plus two hours
Electricity: 220V, 50 Hz
Weights & measures: Metric
Tourism: 2.8 million visitors per year

When to Go

Deciding when to come to Egypt depends a lot on where you want to go. Everywhere south of Cairo is uncomfortably hot in the summer months (June-August), especially Luxor and Aswan, so winter (December-February) is definitely the best time to visit these areas. Summer is also the time when the Mediterranean coast is at its most crowded, but winter in Cairo can get pretty cool. March to May is the best time to enjoy the warm days without the crush of bodies on the beaches and the midday heat of high summer.