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Cairo and Giza

What at first encounter might appears as an overcrowded city with millions of cars and people bustling about is a lively city with a lot of charm and a history spanning over thousands of years to discover. Cairo in fact is made up of three cities, Cairo, Giza and Kalubiya and is today the third biggest city in the world and the biggest city in Africa and the Middle East. An incredible amount of 17 million citizens are populating the area, possessing over 5 million cars. No wonder that this monster of a city never sleeps, live goes on non-stop 24 hours a day. Cairo as the capital is Egypt’s most important centre for business, administration, education and culture and also harbours the ‘Hollywood’ of the Middle East, with most movies and TV shows screened in the Arabic world originating from Cairo. Cairo’s history spans from the early Pharaonic empires, Greco-Roman rulers, Coptic and Islamic influences through to modern times and harbours important monuments from each of these epochs. You could easily spend a whole week in Cairo, visiting it’s numerous monuments, museums, theatres, cinemas, nightclubs or just observing and enjoying the bustling street live. Cairo’s weather is great throughout most of the year, with only a few rainy days and cold nights in winter and sunshine most of the time. Only the summer months of July and August can sometimes be real hot and humid.Planning your time schedule you need at least 3 full days in Cairo, but 4 are recommended. Below we introduce the cities most famous attractions.